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Premier Pain Solutions always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 234 reviews with an average rating of 4.84 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Premier Pain Solutions below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Deborah M.
Submitted 07/19/21
Great!!! This practice is helping me so much!! I can move again!!
Jeffery B.
Submitted 07/18/21
Very satisfied with the support from the employees
Jack W.
Submitted 07/17/21
They were kind and caring they genunely cared
Thomas W.
Submitted 07/17/21
They exceeded my expectations. Staff was very friendly and compassionate.
Amber O.
Submitted 07/17/21
Dr. Mallard and his team are wonderful! They take time to listen and hear what you have to say. They took my concerns and previous experiences into account as well. I recently had a cervical epidural with them and was highly anxious, they were so patient and caring with me that the experience wasn't traumatizing. I feel confident having Dr. Mallard and his team continue my care.
Mildred M.
Submitted 07/16/21
I have been well please with the pain clinic but still have lot pain in my back but the Doctors and nurses are awesome they are do there best to keep your pain in control
Tammy S.
Submitted 07/16/21
I didn’t have to wait too long to see the doctor. I was in and out pretty quick. I have my diagnoses and I’m scheduled on the 28th for trigger injections. The doctor seem to think this will work and it made perfect sense. Praying it will! Thank you guys so much. I’m ready to get back to life! (Pun intended)
Mary Ann B.
Submitted 07/16/21
Outside of the long wait,Everything else went great.! Everyone was polite and helpful Thanks to Amy and all of staff for taking good care of me.
Darryl H.
Submitted 07/16/21
Great visit.
Ronda J.
Submitted 07/16/21
Dr. JB , Dr. Lindler an all the many nurses, are just great people, best pain center, I've ever had to be involved with... I get my epidural every few months, in my lower back, an it helps me out so very much... so thankful for caring people, not many in this world anymore... Thank you Premier Pain Solutions
John B.
Submitted 07/16/21
I’ve found them helpful, compassionate, friendly. Seem to have a good plan for my well being.
Leslie A.
Submitted 07/16/21
Dr. Mallard was terrific; all my questions & concerns were answered & eased.
Bradley N.
Submitted 07/16/21
I think the best way for me to describe my experiences pertaining to Dr. Mallard and the value he has brought into my life ( as a long term and chronic pain sufferer ) is to document short thoughts and examples completely based in and rooted in truth. What it is and what I look for, as a chronic and severe pain sufferer with many injuries and many many types of surgeries, in a pain management specialist-Medical Doctor… (in no specific order), actually I think the first one would be hard to argue against, for anyone. To be believed… nowadays to feel as though you bring credibility and trust into the realm of starting a relationship, specifically with pain management, into a doctors office is no small ability. *To be listened to… whether you have 5 minutes to explain yourself to a judge or you have 5 minutes to explain your vehicle issues to a car mechanic or you have 5 minutes to make ( or help ) another human being, in this case your Medical Doctor, understand the sometimes incredible pain you feel. For example is this scenario the pain only gets severe when you sit a certain way for longer than 3 minutes, with the radio on, while boiling eggs and only between the times of 1700 and 1800…. ok that’s a joke but here is the point. As you are describing this bad example, if you are very lucky you may come to understand that you have your very own Doctor, your healer, your highly trained and experienced person who you’ll end up trusting with your well being because they will be at times prescribing very complicated and potentially strong medicine. They will also possibly/probably be sticking long needles filled with liquids meant to help you gain some type of reprieve or relief from the overbearing feelings of outright pain and suffering! Let me tell you, as you are going through your appointment or meeting with your doctor and you can see that Doctor looking at and listening intently to YOU and genuinely showing concern and trying to process how to help you; I’m being very serious when I say you feel on top of the world because you know you’re doctor is listening…! Frankly I can write an essay, or an in depth college style dissertation about Doctor Mallard. It would all be true and ethically written, accurate and laden with outstanding examples… but for now how’s this…? #1- I trust, 100% what Doctor Mallard discusses with me and the opinions, pro and con in reference to the plans of action, of attack and the why’s and how’s. The reason its 100% is because he knows and has familiarized himself into my style of learning and comprehension. How about that for forming a bond between patient and doctor!? 2nd- I think most people would agree within a very high and close percentage that obtaining inside knowledge would be both awesome and advantageous in regards to your reputation and others opinions of you as a whole and how you are regarded in potentially in the same organization or inside and high up in a chosen profession such as being a doctor in a very competitive, fast paced as well as highly in demand specialty such as pain medicine and management… This is me giving 1st hand information of a conversation I was privy to which took place between a very prominent Doctor and Neurosurgeon with the head PA of that office… I will mark quotes accordingly and identify me paraphrasing… I am able to tell you that I am the patient which the surgeon and PA are speaking about and Dr. Mallard is the doctor ( MD ) being spoken about and referenced…Oh by the way, they thought I was asleep or probably knocked out from the amount of meds that my nurse had just given me. The purpose of this last part is to document and to educate any person looking into Dr. Mallard as potentially giving care and becoming their pain management doctor and specialist… “so we are sending him home with these prescriptions”? “yes”. "are they gonna be sufficient in keeping his pain within reason, I know he was on *********”. “should be fine and he can go up if needed because his pain management doctor, Mallard decided to do a taper off the 4mg then the 2mg of *******”. In case he needed that strong of prescription again... “Thats right, we spoke about the dosages of ****** and we will be sending him home with ****** as well. We’ll give him standard take home counts of what he will need.” *sounds good, I spoke with Brad about the meds yesterday I think and he said he and Mallard planned to taper and stop taking the ****** weeks ago. Now it looks like he’s going right back on it. By the way, I spoke with ****** about Mallard and told her that I am relieved to know that he ( Mallard) is willing to use other methods and surgeons to have a wider reach and more input to take advantage of new methods* “******** told me that he is becoming that offices go to for post surgical care, ******* said she has the need for a dozen more like him, hahaha Ok that’s about as much as I can remember accurately before it starts sounding like my own conversation… Here is the overall point. Why would you not want to go to a Dr. like Dr. Mallard, who has over the course of almost 2 years made me feel important and worthy as a patient. If he has the skills and know-how and intelligence and so much more, again, if he has all these skills that makes me feel singled out and treated at an outstanding level of care just imagine how the multitude of his other patients feel and the outstanding service he is able to give them…! I will very quickly mention the procedures he performs in house. All the steroid shots, trigger points, nerve calming, muscle calming shots and their has to be many other types that I don’t know about. The best part is the shots I’ve had from him are basically painless, done with plenty of prep work, you really can hear the sincere tone of his voice as the needle is down in your spine and he is so calmly concerned about pain, discomfort and anything else that you may be feeling that by the time you say, nope I’m fine, and bam, its over! Lastly I have to say that since I saw this feedback page and the fact it asks for information directly related to and about Dr. Mallard, I knew id have to write a book about him… I would be remise and it would be a great disservice by me, actually irresponsible and pathetic if I did not make sure anyone that has made it reading this far know and understand that I think and am convinced that every man and woman in this entire office or practice seemingly and from my first hand knowledge through observation and as a patient is 100% dedicated to making this practice the very best place for people like me to get dependable, strong, smart, ethical and very highly trained professionals, each in their own lanes all working towards providing this entire area with the best pain management and treatments in which can be applied… In my humble opinion Dr. Christopher Mallard leads the charge of this exceptional group of people in the never ending task or goal of getting me to and maintaining me at a reasonable level of pain and maybe someday just a little bit of just “hurt” thanks Brad N
Maria S.
Submitted 07/16/21
Good one
Barbara S.
Submitted 07/15/21
Attentive and receptive. Staff was also welcoming and wait time was good.
Ronald R.
Submitted 07/15/21
It went smoothly
Belinda D.
Submitted 07/15/21
Everyone was nice and I had a great time while I was there. They made me feel safe and that I could trust them without judgement. I would recommend everyone there but I got to go first..lol
Beverly R.
Submitted 07/15/21
Dr. WAs very kind and was not hurried.
Terry M.
Submitted 07/15/21
Very friendly and professional staff
Amanda F.
Submitted 07/15/21
I love that the doctors are very concerned and willing to help with my problem