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Timothea’s Story


Timothea’s Story

“I would recommend anyone who has pain to come here.”


I would recommend anyone who has pain to come here. The doctors and staff are very friendly. The doctors here will listen to you and tell you all of the options they have to help with your condition. I have been to other pain management centers before here and Premier Pain Solutions has been the best by far. They have compassion for their patients and understand that you’re in pain. They DON’T look at you like you’re someone who just wants pain pills. They look at you as a person that is in pain due to a medical condition and needs treatment to help them try to do normal things that you wouldn’t be able to do without treatment. They have options here for all types of treatments, which is great for people who do not want pain medicine. So, if you’re in pain and want a doctor that will listen to you and give you options on treatment, then you need to call Premier Pain Solutions. They have office’s in many locations. So call today, so you can start getting some relief.

– Timothea


“At Premier Pain Solutions, we are passionate about treating those who suffer from acute and chronic pain. We empathize with the burden chronic pain puts on you and those closest to you, while also recognizing the risks to patients of sustained opioid therapies. We offer life-changing comprehensive pain services through a variety of advanced, minimally-invasive treatments offering patients. Our practitioners are thought leaders constantly adding new therapies and treatment options to our modalities to ensure our patients receive the best option available for them.
The needs of our patients come first and the journey to a pain-free and opioid-free life is sometimes a long, trying one but we are willing to walk that road supporting our patients through every step along the way.”
– Dr Javid Baksh


Javid Baksh, DO
Dr. Baksh has a passion for treating the most complex pain cases with a comprehensive, integrative, and holistic treatment approach. As a pain management specialist, Dr. Baksh is committed to improving quality of life for patients living with chronic pain. He offers his patients a wide range of conventional and alternative medicine therapies, as well as the most innovative, minimally invasive procedures.

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